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Strange Sea Creature: Flamboyant Cuttlefish

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Strange Sea Creature: Flamboyant Cuttlefish

This is my most recent Cuttlefish. This particular species only grows up to several inches in length and lives in shallow tropical water. When no predators are around it sways with the current like a piece of inanimate plant life to avoid detection, but when it feels threatened, it flares its tentacles and glows to appear poisonous to predators. It’s smart. And flamboyant.

32″ x 22″. Spray paint and pastel on board.


Strange Sea Creature: Lime Green Cuttlefish

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Green Cuttlefish

Another Cuttlefish! I’m not quite as satisfied with this one as the first two, but I really like the colours. That might be because the lime green and yellow remind me of Mitch Hedberg’s Buoyancy of Citrus skit.

32″ x 22″. Spray paint, pastel and charcoal on board.

Strange Sea Creature: Cuttlefish Take Two

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This is the second Cuttlefish painting. It’s not as bright as the first one, but I really like how the detail on the tentacles and fin-like structure turned out. It’s very tactile yet retains translucency.

It’s also more ominous than the first Cuttlefish, due to the dramatic perspective. But its disposition appears to be curiosity more than threatening, so the painting has an interesting personality.

32″ x 22″. Spray paint, pastel and charcoal on board.

Strange Sea Creature: Bright Cuttlefish Painting

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Over the past few months I have been bombarded with documentaries about strange underwater creatures, and the Cuttlefish captured my attention over all the other beings. It’s not actually fish per se, it is a mollusk, meaning it is related to the Octopus, Squid, and…mussels.

Okay, so maybe it’s not totally cool if your cousin is a mussel. That would make for an uncomfortable family reunion. But, despite its questionable relatives, recent studies have suggested that the Cuttlefish is the most intelligent invertebrate on the planet. I have seen it find its way out of a maze, rescue its companion from a closed bottle and play with toys. Considering the Cuttlefish does not have a skeleton, this is an amazing feat.

The biological structure and personality of this creature stuns me. I am thinking of doing a series of Cuttlefish paintings, as their fluorescent colours and wonky shape propose many routes of technical experimentation.

32″ x 22″. Spray paint and pastel on board.