A Pigeon in a Puddle

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As it turns out, the best time to find birds is the worst time to draw…that is, in pouring rain. This fellow is enjoying his time in a misty puddle, probably because he’s silently laughing at me as I am drenched, due to my lack of water-repellent feathers.

I wonder if they think humans are giants…


Merry Christmas! Santa?

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Hallelujah! For it is Christmas, the epitome of consumer culture. If I buy many things, decorate my house in offensively glittering lights and kill trees for pure aesthetic pleasure, I will be laden with the joy of the season.

Am I missing the point?


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…are fascinating and terrifying and magical!

And they also represent productive procrastination at its best. I’m experimenting with different bird and reptile body parts, then incorporating the best aspects of the sketches into a painting.

The head is rendered similar to a fan lizard, plus a spiky tail. I like the textures at play and the dramatic composition.

This guy has a spiny head and a feathery neck. The horns work well.

Lastly, an odd fellow sporting a toucan bill and an iguana-esque dulap.

Sketch of Wood Turtle

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Wood Turtle

After seeing some turtles yesterday, I did this quick drawing of, well, a turtle! Reptiles have piles of personality, accompanied by physically engaging textures. As such, they are a subject matter I plan to study further.


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Pigeon Portrait

This is one section from an assortment of drawings on a large sheet of paper, none of which progressed any further.

But I almost like this one.

Black and White Self Portrait

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Widescreen Self

It’s been a while since I made a self portrait so I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a shot again. I tried a tight composition to make it interesting, and to keep me from feeling completely self-absorbed while working on the piece. Personally, I think it reflects both the composition of a widescreen film close up and the glamorous comic book panel women of Warhol’s prints.

But take what you will from it. It’s only a drawing.

52″ x 26″. Pencil, oil, charcoal and spray paint on paper.

Pink Pigeon Print (Alliteration Included)

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Pink Pigeon

Pigeons are fascinating counterparts to humans. They inhabit the landscapes we’ve created, building their nests in crooks and holes of architecture.  They ingeniously arrange their routine around our own lunch schedule, perfectly reflecting our own frantic scramble for sustenance. Despite this, pigeons are still regarded as ugly, dimwitted pests. It’s high time we give these shiny intelligent birds the attention they deserve.

36″ x 36″. Ink, charcoal, acrylic, oil and pencil on paper.