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Fragmented Figure Drawing: The First

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This is one in a series that happened to come about. I don’t want to get into what it’s about too much, possibly because I can’t articulate it fully. It’s a series of fragmented, headless, wounded women in a mesh of materials, as you can see for yourself because you are perfectly competent viewers.

I’m interested in hearing interpretations of this, as well as the rest which I will post in the near future.

Despite what the title says, this is in fact the latest drawing of the series. It’s only the first I posted. Confused? Me too.

36″ x 24″. Charcoal, acrylic, paper, roof tile, ink and chalk…maybe other things…on chipboard.



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Pigeon Portrait

This is one section from an assortment of drawings on a large sheet of paper, none of which progressed any further.

But I almost like this one.

Pink Pigeon Print (Alliteration Included)

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Pink Pigeon

Pigeons are fascinating counterparts to humans. They inhabit the landscapes we’ve created, building their nests in crooks and holes of architecture.  They ingeniously arrange their routine around our own lunch schedule, perfectly reflecting our own frantic scramble for sustenance. Despite this, pigeons are still regarded as ugly, dimwitted pests. It’s high time we give these shiny intelligent birds the attention they deserve.

36″ x 36″. Ink, charcoal, acrylic, oil and pencil on paper.

Endangered Animal Painting Series: North Atlantic Right Whale

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North Atlantic Right Whale

This is another piece from the endangered animal painting series. It’s a North Atlantic Right Whale, which lives in…well, the Atlantic Ocean. That’s quite self-explanatory, like the Atlantic Wolffish. These whaless are endangered due to collisions with ships, disruption of the ecosystem through fishing, and historical whaling. It is estimated that there are only about 350 North Atlantic Right Whales remaining in the world. For undetermined reasons (potentially due to environmental modifications, as whales are highly sensitive to changes in their habitat) they are reproducing at an unusually low rate, making it critical for humans to learn to coexist peacefully with the remaining members of the species. The NARWC: North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium website provides lots of information about Right Whales and what is being done to protect the few which remain.

32″ x 22″. Spray paint, pastel, oil, chalk, crayon, acylic and marker on board.

Portrait of Dramatic 1940s Woman

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1940s Style Woman

I saw this woman in a movie from the nineteen forties. She wasn’t a popular actress because I only saw her that one time, but I thought her face was really dramatic so I did a painting of her.

And…this is the painting.

24″ x 36″. Pastel and acrylic on paper.

Bright Bird Painting: Curled Up Flamingo

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Curled Flamingo

So, I like birds, as you can probably tell by now. This is the first of two flamingos I made, and that was interesting, because their anatomy is so unique. Flamingos seem to be either the most graceful or awkward looking birds on the planet, depending on what they’re doing.

I’m pretty happy with the texture of the feathers and how the image seems to fluctuate between volume and flatness.

14″ x 36″. Acrylic, oil, pastel, charcoal and crayon on paper.

I See Dead People: Michael Jackson Painting

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Michael Jackson

Okay, so I thought I’d finally jump on the fanboat and milk the untimely death of talented celebrities.

But seriously, I do like painting famous people because I’m a sellout and they make me money. That, and I think “original”…I use that term very loosely when it comes to international icons because I think heavy appropriation of source material plays a major part of these people’s lives… painting of celebrities make a strong statement about the repetitive nature and unlimited accessibility of popular culture. I mean, this is some guy’s face and yet he is an idol to who knows how many people. I don’t know him. You don’t know him (well, you might). But we feel like we do, even if we don’t. There’s something really interesting, and freaky, about that.

Best way to view this painting: take a couple of steps back from the computer screen, then take a look at it. The image is meant to pull together at a distance as it’s fairly large scale. Or squint your eyes, it has a similar effect to viewing it from farther away.

24″ x 36”. Spray paint, marker, acrylic, charcoal, oil and pastel on canvas.