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I Heart Dragons

Posted in Art, Drawing, painting with tags , , , , , , on December 11, 2009 by katievautour

Grr! That was my frustration, not the dragon. Usually when I really plan out a piece, like this one, it doesn’t work out as well as more spontaneous drawings. Which doesn’t make sense.

…I am glad I gave the blue/purple combo a whirl, that, to me, is probably the only redeeming aesthetic aspect about this.

This did get me thinking though: dragons have  existed as a mythological creature for thousands of years. With all the technology today (I’m specifically considering video games here) providing us with “realistic” representations of dragons, I think we’ve paradoxically gotten farther than ever from the core idea behind dragons; that is, imagination. Dragons aren’t monstrous, treasure-hoarding abominations you slay for XP points and virtual gold. They’re powerful symbols of the human mind being able to articulate the world in ways beyond our direct, physical existence.

I think we’re losing that.



Posted in Art, Drawing with tags , , , , , , , , on December 4, 2009 by katievautour

…are fascinating and terrifying and magical!

And they also represent productive procrastination at its best. I’m experimenting with different bird and reptile body parts, then incorporating the best aspects of the sketches into a painting.

The head is rendered similar to a fan lizard, plus a spiky tail. I like the textures at play and the dramatic composition.

This guy has a spiny head and a feathery neck. The horns work well.

Lastly, an odd fellow sporting a toucan bill and an iguana-esque dulap.