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Have a Heart

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This piece is not quite as successful (I think) but in the same vein as the Christmas skeleton. The shadow and light worked out better in the first one, but I can work with this.

This guy looked quite pitiful and lovelorn until I added the top hat and bow tie. Now he’s a cocky bourgeois capitalist who’s trying to win his love’s heart with glittery jewelry and a box of chocolates.

You can decide if he’s sincere or not.



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Pigeon Portrait

This is one section from an assortment of drawings on a large sheet of paper, none of which progressed any further.

But I almost like this one.

Pink Pigeon Print (Alliteration Included)

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Pink Pigeon

Pigeons are fascinating counterparts to humans. They inhabit the landscapes we’ve created, building their nests in crooks and holes of architecture.  They ingeniously arrange their routine around our own lunch schedule, perfectly reflecting our own frantic scramble for sustenance. Despite this, pigeons are still regarded as ugly, dimwitted pests. It’s high time we give these shiny intelligent birds the attention they deserve.

36″ x 36″. Ink, charcoal, acrylic, oil and pencil on paper.

I See Dead People: Michael Jackson Painting

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Michael Jackson

Okay, so I thought I’d finally jump on the fanboat and milk the untimely death of talented celebrities.

But seriously, I do like painting famous people because I’m a sellout and they make me money. That, and I think “original”…I use that term very loosely when it comes to international icons because I think heavy appropriation of source material plays a major part of these people’s lives… painting of celebrities make a strong statement about the repetitive nature and unlimited accessibility of popular culture. I mean, this is some guy’s face and yet he is an idol to who knows how many people. I don’t know him. You don’t know him (well, you might). But we feel like we do, even if we don’t. There’s something really interesting, and freaky, about that.

Best way to view this painting: take a couple of steps back from the computer screen, then take a look at it. The image is meant to pull together at a distance as it’s fairly large scale. Or squint your eyes, it has a similar effect to viewing it from farther away.

24″ x 36”. Spray paint, marker, acrylic, charcoal, oil and pastel on canvas.

Strange Sea Creature: Bright Cuttlefish Painting

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Over the past few months I have been bombarded with documentaries about strange underwater creatures, and the Cuttlefish captured my attention over all the other beings. It’s not actually fish per se, it is a mollusk, meaning it is related to the Octopus, Squid, and…mussels.

Okay, so maybe it’s not totally cool if your cousin is a mussel. That would make for an uncomfortable family reunion. But, despite its questionable relatives, recent studies have suggested that the Cuttlefish is the most intelligent invertebrate on the planet. I have seen it find its way out of a maze, rescue its companion from a closed bottle and play with toys. Considering the Cuttlefish does not have a skeleton, this is an amazing feat.

The biological structure and personality of this creature stuns me. I am thinking of doing a series of Cuttlefish paintings, as their fluorescent colours and wonky shape propose many routes of technical experimentation.

32″ x 22″. Spray paint and pastel on board.