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I Heart Dragons

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Grr! That was my frustration, not the dragon. Usually when I really plan out a piece, like this one, it doesn’t work out as well as more spontaneous drawings. Which doesn’t make sense.

…I am glad I gave the blue/purple combo a whirl, that, to me, is probably the only redeeming aesthetic aspect about this.

This did get me thinking though: dragons have  existed as a mythological creature for thousands of years. With all the technology today (I’m specifically considering video games here) providing us with “realistic” representations of dragons, I think we’ve paradoxically gotten farther than ever from the core idea behind dragons; that is, imagination. Dragons aren’t monstrous, treasure-hoarding abominations you slay for XP points and virtual gold. They’re powerful symbols of the human mind being able to articulate the world in ways beyond our direct, physical existence.

I think we’re losing that.


A Pigeon in a Puddle

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As it turns out, the best time to find birds is the worst time to draw…that is, in pouring rain. This fellow is enjoying his time in a misty puddle, probably because he’s silently laughing at me as I am drenched, due to my lack of water-repellent feathers.

I wonder if they think humans are giants…

Merry Christmas! Santa?

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Hallelujah! For it is Christmas, the epitome of consumer culture. If I buy many things, decorate my house in offensively glittering lights and kill trees for pure aesthetic pleasure, I will be laden with the joy of the season.

Am I missing the point?

Sketch of Wood Turtle

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Wood Turtle

After seeing some turtles yesterday, I did this quick drawing of, well, a turtle! Reptiles have piles of personality, accompanied by physically engaging textures. As such, they are a subject matter I plan to study further.

Drawing On Cardboard: A Skeleton with Coffee and a Cell Phone

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Starbucks Skelly

I like putting skeletons in situations which are normal for modern people–in this case, drinking an overrated, overpriced coffee while talking on a cell phone. It draws attention to the actions of the skeleton rather than emphasizing the subject as a figure, as would be the case if  the image of the skeleton were substituted with a depiction of a living body.

Anyway, I dropped this one in front of a Starbucks on a busy street and went and sat inside by the window for a while. After a few hours a person who was walking by looked at the drawing, then grabbed it and carried it away. I almost wish I knew where they took it, a tiny part of me was sad it disappeared, but this was also an experiment in being able to let go of my art. Recently some pieces of my work were wrecked, and to consciously leave this work in a very vulnerable place helped reconcile that issue.

And away it went.

Skeleton on Street

Photo of the drawing on the street. It blended in pretty well, about half the people who walked past didn’t seem to notice it. I am highly amused by the abandoned sheet of cardboard beside my drawing in the photo below.

Skeleton Drawing on Street

Funny enough, directly across the street from this a camera crew was filming a group of students on the corner, who are just slightly out of frame in this photo. I think Skelly here might have managed to get some time in the limelight.

Strange Sea Creature: Flamboyant Cuttlefish

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Strange Sea Creature: Flamboyant Cuttlefish

This is my most recent Cuttlefish. This particular species only grows up to several inches in length and lives in shallow tropical water. When no predators are around it sways with the current like a piece of inanimate plant life to avoid detection, but when it feels threatened, it flares its tentacles and glows to appear poisonous to predators. It’s smart. And flamboyant.

32″ x 22″. Spray paint and pastel on board.

Strange Sea Creature: Bright Cuttlefish Painting

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Over the past few months I have been bombarded with documentaries about strange underwater creatures, and the Cuttlefish captured my attention over all the other beings. It’s not actually fish per se, it is a mollusk, meaning it is related to the Octopus, Squid, and…mussels.

Okay, so maybe it’s not totally cool if your cousin is a mussel. That would make for an uncomfortable family reunion. But, despite its questionable relatives, recent studies have suggested that the Cuttlefish is the most intelligent invertebrate on the planet. I have seen it find its way out of a maze, rescue its companion from a closed bottle and play with toys. Considering the Cuttlefish does not have a skeleton, this is an amazing feat.

The biological structure and personality of this creature stuns me. I am thinking of doing a series of Cuttlefish paintings, as their fluorescent colours and wonky shape propose many routes of technical experimentation.

32″ x 22″. Spray paint and pastel on board.